Dr. Alireza Haji Ali Mohammadi: The need to increase awareness of vehicle manufacturers of hybrid engines

Director of the Scientific Conference of the Conference on Internal Combustion and Oil Engines, pointed to the need to increase knowledge of engine components in order to improve the quality of domestic vehicles and move towards new technologies and the need to invest in hybrid and electric motors in relation to air pollution in metropolitan areas. : The scientific discussions and the latest technologies in the field of combustion engines and oil are presented at the conference.

Dr. Ali Haji ali mohammadi, vice president of the Motor Research Association of Iran, on the eve of the tenth meeting of internal combustion engines and oil, said: “This conference is the most important incident in the field of internal combustion engines in the country, which is held every two years and conducted on February 24-26 at the Research Institute The oil industry is being held in Tehran with the presence of scholars, academics, industrialists and leading experts from inside and outside the country.

More than 170 articles have been submitted for presentation at the conference, oral and poster presentations, workshops, specialized conferences, key lectures and industrial meetings, including the program of the conference, as well as the first specialized research and development meeting of engine manufacturers at the conference. We will see the tenth. At the conference, the various companies involved in the field of internal combustion engines and oil will present their latest achievements in design and production at the congress center.

The director of the Scientific Conference on Internal Combustion Engines and Oil continued: “Given the air pollution situation in metropolitan areas, a solution to this problem is the use of hybrid and electric cars and the use of modern pollution control technologies in motor vehicles, to some extent, Controlling air pollution in metropolitan areas, therefore, discussing the quality of vehicles and their parts, as well as research and development, and the upgrading of constructors at this conference, and, accordingly, focusing and investing on hybrid engine development projects are subjects that This conference is being discussed Place.

The vice president of the iranian society of engine continued: “Other important topics discussed in the key speeches and articles discussed at the conference are engines powered by turbocharged engines, which in fact are engines of a new generation of combustion engines There is less pollution and consumption than current engines.

Haji Ali Mohammadi said that the forum, which is organized by the Iranian Motor Research Association in cooperation with the petroleum industry, is the strategic topic of the automotive industry and the driving forces, the scientific topics and the latest technologies in the field of internal combustion engines and oil by foreign key academic and industrial speakers From Brunel University of England and companies like Bush, FEV, AVL and Honywel, one of the world’s leading engineers and engineers, will be presented.

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