appalachian english grammar

We stayed there till the bears done eat all the honey. Smokies speech also has many ways to express “all the way” or “completely.”. It was just down where that road comes around, “by the time that, before”: We'd oughta do plenty of fishin', “wherever”: They had to get their breakfasts, eat, and be in the field or, “so that, with the result that, to the point that”: The bean beetle got so bad, “of a single event: when, at the moment that”: What did they do with you. Hain't nobody never set [the trap] for any bears since. 4.2.4  Some of the verbs in §4.2.2 have been leveled almost entirely to one form in traditional SME. 2.1.2  In the third-person singular, hit (the older form of the pronoun) alternates with it, occurring most often in stressed positions (usually as a subject) and less often elsewhere. When it follows an adjective (e.g. 13.3  Intensifying Adverbs. July 31, … mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";