30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz

white zombie73. (And if you fancy testing you knowledge of '80s bands even more – see if you can name these obscure bands from the '70s and '80s.) The calander has “Green Day”. @ GRatt- that is clearly a 50 cent piece, not a nickel. Black Crows (black crows) 47.) Counting Crows 41. i felt so. Deep Purple (building color) 61.) the guys in suits are THE KILLERS! the roots69. Pet shop boys ( boys in front of pet shop ) 54. lil’ bow wow66. to those who say the coin is nickleback….last time i checked…that was a QUARTER not a nickle but ok? The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes. lower corner of the vegetable stand and in the middle. Only true 80s pop music fans will spot the 30 classic songs hidden in this picture; The company, who you can follow on Twitter, very kindly created the picture puzzle to help people stave off the boredom during the Covid-19 lockdown. Korn (on the fruit stand) 51. The Verve the whole pictures frozen and a man is melting code for the song i’ll stop the world and melt with you, Blur, Alice in chains, Smashing pumpkins, scissor sisters, green day, Eminem, styx, sex pistols, gun’s and roses, seal, madonna, police, white snake, cypress hill, the eagles, talking ehads, bloc party, gorillaz, manic street preachers, rolling stones, radiohead, 50 cent, U2, BeeGees, b-52’s, Led zeppelin, blondie, the white zombie, dead kennedy’s, killers, roots, jewel, beach boys, the offspring, kiss, korn, white snake, white stripes, ratt, tool, black flag, spoon, the monkees, iron maiden, cranberries, eels, queen, carpenters, the doors, jane’s addiction, cowboy junkies. (though all clothes seem to be on could this be the beginning of a planned “Orgy” for the band “Orgy”.All comments welcomed. The coin says ‘half dollar’ on it. Hey, the smiling yellow things… they look strikingly similar to Bon Jovi’s latest album cover (have a nice day)…. my god u ppl need to learn how to read the posts! QUIZ: How many of these 21 bands from the 90s can you name? 48. from the newspapers or gossip magazines, stick them on paper and photocopy. Anybody figure out the long haired person on the fire escape who is blowing a chewing gum bubble? Whitesnake 34. “Missing Persons.”. Phish63. yes, i see how it could be interpreted as that, but unless there was a ROCK BAND called 50 cent, then it doesn’t fit. Also there are cranberries by the fruit stand on the ground.Matchbox 20 (the matchboxes that spell out 20)ans sum-41 (the calandar by the fruit stand. pavement41. There are more than 75….notice there are about 20 answers for each one…and the fact they seem to have left out aerosmith, beatles ac/dc 3doors down, and what is that octopus squid scopion thing? JANES ADDICTION…….and the guys on the roof…..looks like they are building something…. I can see The Doors and White Zombie- who is next to the Dead Kennedys. The Eagles41. white zombie/cannibal corpse- that dead lookin pale thing on the side walk, pixies- um…there are two pixies above the mailman…. PS. Is that Korn on the veggie cart? “Badly Drawn Boy” ahem the badly drawn boy on the right side, Fall Out Boy mebbe? If you haven’t already got the picture in your mailbox, you can get the full-sized image by clicking on the image below. wings. jizzz!! talking heads? “scissor sisters” – two scissors at the front, um the person who said ‘ gorillas – obvious anyone ‘ i never heard of the gorillas but i have heard of the Monkees i think its them anyone agree, “Rob Zombie” – the zombie behind the guns and roses. You know reading some of the previoUs posts would really help a person decide if his/her post is worth posting! 4pm - 7pm, Sonnet The scissor sisters, the rolling stones, the sexpistols, radiohead, guns and roses. White Snake (snake) 18.) and i’m pretty sure the giant spoon is just SPOON, not THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL, Blur, Nine Inch Nails, Beach Boys, Radiohead, Black Crowes. It is so obvious!!!!! and seriously, u ppl obviously didnt read the rules at the top…. There Are 15 Hidden Objects in This Picture—Can You Find Them? OK – so I see someone already said Iron Maiden for the figure on the crosswalk. With the visuals, there are also some words mentioned in the picture that might help you get a clear idea about the songs in the picture. Don’t wanna start a ruckus….but that’s not a 50 cent piece or a nickel….it’s a silver dollar…maybe that will help someone else figure it out. 3. (yes i am speeking Lolspeekz) (oh and also, the email that im using ISNT mine!) Hidden in this image are 30 smash hits from the 1980s. – tvs 61 great white (?) Blind Melon (on the fruit stand) 24. New to the list:Cornershop — the shop sign at the corner, left hand sideDinosaur Jr. — little stegosaurus walking left of the queen. Surfboard Clown- There’s this person at the balcony staring out. The T.V.s could be :TELEVISION, THE TALKING HEADS, or THE FACES. Bush (plant under vases) 10.) I’m from Croatia by the way. it is 50 cent, jackass. Only true fans ace our test; Read More Related Articles. Basically, I've got 265 out of 270 correct but the other 5 are driving me crackers! red hot chili peppers49. sex pisols obv. The B-52’s 16. Prince (queen is pointing pistols at him) 14.) jane’s addiction33. BeeGees (B.G. Also you have a conflict with Skinny Puppy amd Lil Bow Wow (the small dog). Keep looking for more folks some of these are preety interesting and could be multiple bands perhaps. The Scorpions crawling on the cake lower left. Directly above the Seal poster — The Alarm! scorpions51. THE GOGOS (the girls running across the street), Korn White Stripes The Cranberries The Cars, cars zombies blondie surfers dead kennedys monkeys Byrds, I’m not sure about it but i think there are some RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS with the fruits.. thats what it looks like, Next to White Zombie Pet Shop Boys and next to the Guns N’ Roses, on the left, Scorpions, I think the large spoon is simply the band “Spoon”.Alice in Chains. 37. blondie? could the group of people in the white be the “manic street preachers”, machine gun fellatio (aussie act) in the queens hands …, i FOUND LED ZEPPLIN,WHITESNAKE,50-CENT,THE GORRILAZ,SMASHING PUPMKINS,EAGLES,MATCHBOX 2,PINK FLOYD,BLACK FLAG,GREEN DAY,B-52’S,ALICE AND CHAINS,KISS,ROLLING STONES,WHIT ZOMBIE,NIN,U2,RHCP,CARS,GARBAGE,AND MY ALL TIME FAVORITE IRON MAIDEN UP THE IRONS, Urm. Fish/Goldie (the goldfish and possibly the golden guy) 19. So, I think I got it! On the right behind Blur and alice in chains. killing joke! Black Flag51. Here are all bands: http://gtmcknight.com/log/up/virgingame.jpg. how have you not read the countless other entries that DID suggest it was the pyxies? The next bands I don’t think were intentional: guns’n’roses scissor sisters the smashing pumpkins alice in chains the queen sex pistols lues brothers gorillaz rolling stone led zeppelin the police the eagles red hot chili peppers black crow/ counting crows pink floyd beach boys blur cypress hill scorpions velvet underground white stripes 50 cent zombies sharks coconut? The buggles (underneath the veggies), manic street preachers. Eminem (M&M’s in the road below the scissors) 20. red hot chilli peppers are in the car in the front, Platimum Blonde – girl on fire escape with bubble gum, red hot chilli peppers in the market crate, Next to Alice ‘n’ Chains is Blurr (WOOOOHOOOO), The green hill in the background could also be “cypress hill”. Alright, not your every-day Optical Illusion, never the less “The Virgin Digital Find the 75 Bands” competition is the cleverest piece of marketing I’ve seen in ages. Hi! Ok- What about CINDERELLA (platinum Blonde on Sidewalk)and two guys walking could be -MEN WITHOUT HATS,Also – BOY MEETS GIRL – under Pet Shop Boys,LED ZEPPELIN is the Blimp (Zeppelin) and the guy working on the street would be MEN AT WORK, – nice picture over all – Im still looking for BOSTON, CHICAGO,BERLIN, A-HA, and a few others that might be there as well as AC/DC ??? guns n’ roses30. U2 22. cranberries15. black flag08. ONE POST PER PERSON! yellowman. Could the diamond necklace be Jewel? The “B-52’s” flying high and how about “Hole” behind “Garbage”!! Any way I can get it and what’s the name please :), I found Led Zeppelin (zeppelin in background) smashing pumpkins (guy smashing a pumpkin with a sledgehammer) guns n roses (guns and roses in a cart) alice in chains (alice in chains… duh) the eagles (self explanatory). the pixies65. Cypress Hill ( cypress tree on the hill ) 56. The Doors61. pink44. u271. This tough pop music quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists. Spoon (Right side of pic) 57. blind melon09. eminem24. seal52. 1.Flyleaf- Two leaves flying in between Quenn and dude up front of picture. Rat44. How about “Prince” And if the Queen fires He’d be called “Formaly known as”. (Man… I can see heaps in there! Prince 64. Deep purple or new riders of the purple stage my work. Hole(in the ground? sex pistols-the dildo gunsprince- the princequeen- the queenb52s- the planes?matchbox 20- the 20 made of matchboxesalice in chains- the girl in chains i thought it could be killing heidi but its not.smashing pumpkins- the guy smashing pumpkinsseal- the poster on the wall of a sealrolling stones- ROLLING STONEs!! Great White. i got : black flag alice in chains the cars the monkees (the apes). Just a few thoughts but is that a “Queen” holding those guns? twisted sister70. KISS (couple kissing) 16.) Pet Shop Boys (shop window labeled ‘shop’) 65.) cornershop13. On the TVs there are what looks like the news, ergo it could either be Faces or Small Faces or even Talking Heads (Which is slang for a newscaster)! smashing pumpkins55. Nine Inch Nails (nails on ground) 32.) white stripes72. Feel free to question any answers if you think they are incorrect! The Eels 11. But I like the men without hats, because they DO look like the Blues Brothers with out the hats, so that would be Men With Out Hats I guess. Men at work only works if it was more than one guy working in the street, besides he’s not working, he is clearly SMASHING PUMPKINS. – shadows 63 phish (?) He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! isnt the symbol on it a representation of the ramones?? The group in white pointing up to the huge snake – they look like Hare Krishnas to me – isn’t there a band with Hare Krishna in their name? The train (the queen’s dress has a train). scissor sisters50. Behind the QUEEN, under THE ROOTS, right of GUNS N ROSES is a very young dinosaur. dinosaur jr21. “Cypress Hill” The only hill with a tree on it. Required fields are marked *. Madonna – A portrait of a madonna on the shop’s door. To order this quiz to be sent by post click here - to pre-pay for picture quizzes to be sent every week by email click here. With the help of the picture, you have to guess the name of songs. blondie10. What about twisted sisters?the two contortionists next to the garbage can, wihte snake.snake raped around pole left side center, “Presidents of the USA” there are portraits of Nixon and kennedy, as far I can see, in the wall on the right of pet shop, “Yellow Shark”, an album of Frank Zappa. Guns ‘n Roses 27. 1) August Rush 2) Queen 3) Prince 4) Guns ‘N Roses 5) Greenday 6) Rolling Stones 7) The Eagles 8) White Snake 9) 50 Cent 10) Greatful Dead 11) Alice In Chains 12) Scissor Sisters 13) Matchbox 20 14) Ratt 15) U2 16) The Police 17) Beach Boys 18) Indigo Girls 19) Styx 20) Blind Melon 21) Red Hot Chili Peppers 22) Blur 23) The Cars 24) Pixies 25) The Black Crows 26) Korn 27) Sex Pistols 28) Great White 29) Lemonheads 30) Seal 31) Pink 32) Iron Maiden 33) Jewel 34) Deep purple 35) Goldfinger 36) Live 37) The Killers 38) Sum41 39) The Doors 40) Kiss 41) Crowded House 42) Byrds 43) Jesus and Maryjane 44) Wings 45) Jet 46) Tool 47) A Perfect Circle 48) Monkees 49) Gorillaz 50) The White Stripes 51) The Vines 52) The Postal Service 53) Eminem 54) Petshop Boys 55) Scorpions 56) Cranberries 57) Cake 58) The Buggles 59) The Contortionists 60) Dead Kennedys 61) Spoon 62) White Zombie 63) Hole 64) Dixie Chicks 65) Ninch Inch Nails 66) The Eels 67) Phish 68) Coyboy Junkies 69) Talking heads 70) Cypress Hill 71) Bee Gees 72) B-52s 73) Black Flag 74) Led Zeppelin 75) Fresh Prince, 1) August Rush 2) Queen 3) Prince 4) Guns ‘N Roses 5) Greenday 6) Rolling Stones 7) The Eagles 8) White Snake 9) 50 Cent 10) Greatful Dead 11) Alice In Chains 12) Scissor Sisters 13) Matchbox 20 14) Ratt 15) U2 16) The Police 17) Beach Boys 18) Indigo Girls 19) Styx 20) Blind Melon 21) Red Hot Chili Peppers 22) Blur 23) The Cars 24) Pixies 25) The Black Crows 26) Korn 27) Sex Pistols 28) Great White 29) Lemonheads 30) Seal 31) Pink 32) Iron Maiden 33) Jewel 34) Deep purple 35) Goldfinger 36) Live 37) The Killers 38) Sum41 39) The Doors 40) Kiss 41) Crowded House 42) Byrds 43) Jesus and Maryjane 44) Wings 45) Jet 46) Tool 47) A Perfect Circle 48) Monkees 49) Gorillaz 50) The White Stripes 51) The Vines 52) The Postal Service 53) Eminem 54) Petshop Boys 55) Scorpions 56) Cranberries 57) Cake 58) The Buggles 59) The Contortionists 60) Dead Kennedys 61) Spoon 62) White Zombie 63) Hole 64) Dixie Chicks 65) Ninch Inch Nails 66) The Eels 67) Phish 68) Coyboy Junkies 69) Talking heads 70) Cypress Hill 71) Bee Gees 72) B-52s 73) Black Flag 74) Radio Head 75) Fresh Prince. Pink Floyd the wall there’s plenty of those! … Hole? 33. deep purple? (to the left of Iron Maiden). Oops. There is an image shared on social media that has gone viral. Questions from your biggest organ to a 60s models bulging crotch. Cars (cars in street) 26.) Also, its clearly 9 inch nails, not styx, no “skinny puppy” anywhere! the contortionists.. the t.v’s in the shop window behind the cowboy junkies all have a picture of a head. The Sex Pistols (queen is holding the pistols) 13.) Picture quizzes are probably the most common and easiest of all table top rounds to compile. Grab a timer and see how fast you can spot them all. The gameplay is fun and the number of level packs is mind blowing. I didn’t read the instructions very well. the postal service. If you haven’t already got the picture in your mailbox, you can get the full-sized image by clicking on the image below. Bubblegum chewer=BlONDIE. according to one of the spoilers it’s an answer, but i’m not seeing it. Smashing Pumpkins (Man smashing pumpkins) 34.) Also I’d like to know where the Pink Floyd came from, there was no description on the post. So, I’m tempted to say that hairball and those Camaros in the background is Camarohair, but unless they’ve signed with Virgin, that ain’t them. Iron Maiden (in the road, to the left of radiohead) 45. initial on building) 40.) the cult61. “The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes.”. aL I think the dinosaur would be “T Rex”. The Doors 42. cake. …73. – mailman 67 goldie/yellowman (?) cake12. gorillaz27. it can’t be nickelback- thats a half dollar. (yes it’s a band >.<), Those people not in the picture? Hole (in the road to the right of the contortionists) 36. “Great White”. jewel34. Phish (fish in bowl) 35.) im also guessing boys like girls… the guy holding the girl on the right…? ps I think the two guys with the ‘violin cases’ are supposed to represent the killers. beg my pardon of someone else has spotted this. the purple building, can that be Deep Purple? Twisted Sister (2 people twisted up) 27.) the beach boys58. guns n’ roses30. prince45. B52’s 33. iron maiden32. The roots55. ! Sex Pistols50. Duh no one got that yet? Black Flag (on the building with the TV’s) 42. Ratt (rat) 28.) !can they look any more like killers? Kissing Girls (to the left of the cult) 40. So how many of these bands are actually under the Virgin label? White Stripes (cross walk stripes) 60.) where is 311? This Quiz is a free purchase so you can check the quality of our downloads. “Shop” sign= CORNERSHOP. 01. Nine Inch Nails 6. Beach Boys (surfer boards with guys) 49.) okay so it doesn’t look like a joker anymore! 31. the killers? T-Rex (dinosaur on ground) 11.) How did everyone miss the bag of M&Ms or EMINEM right in the middle of the picture! Manic Street Preachers? ^^. I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. BLUR, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Beach Boys, Blind Melon, Smashing Pumpkins, B52’s, The Police, Alice In Chains, Talking Heads, Gorillaz, Dead Kennedys, Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedys, Whitesnake, Beach boys, Smashing Pumkin, Alice in Chains, the Cars, Queen, Twisted Sister, B52’s, Pixies, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, the Scorpions, Prince, Yellowman, Deep Purple, the talking Heads, Blind Mellon, Hammerhead, Greenday, U2, Cowboy Junkies, Television, Spoon, White Zombie, the Police, Matchbox 20, Kiss, (Can anybody tell me what the smiling lemons are supposed to be? Green Day14. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. Your email address will not be published. besides, that image represents green day, which at least one person has mentioned. Alice in Chains (Alice in Wonderland girl with chains wrapped around her) 57.) Seal (the poster next to the white zombie) 41. The queen is clearly holding 2 pistols made out of Pink Dildo’s…so I’d vote for The sex Pistols. Spoon (spoon) **** The following are ones I’m unsure of/puzzling for me a bit **** 58.) Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic. One of the first ones I spotted has not been mentioned: The 2 twin pink scissors there: THE SCISSOR SISTERS. Alice In Chains 14. Happy fruit? Looks like sticks jut to the left of the 20 matchboxes – Styx! The Dead Presidents (posters on building wall) 6.) Green Day 5. There is also a conflict with “Velevet Revolver and The Sex pistols. There’s a mannequin in the window of the shop (I don’t know why everyone’s convinced it’s a pet shop…). im sorry…..first off i dont know some of the bands cause im not from those decades but still…..HAS NO ONE NOTICED THE BEACH BOYS……..GUYS WALKING WITH SURF BOARDS…..ITS F’ING OBVIOUS, u guys have way too much time on yor handshas anyone noticed – train station. Could it be ‘Real Big Fish’? I have a feeling some people are just typing random words that they THINK might be band names but actually aren’t. The folks at Virgin Digital have hidden graphic representations of Rock Bands in this picture. Black Crows33. black flag08. Could be The Ramones (logo) for the big coin near the queen and gorillaz or the monkeys for the King Kongs,and cypres hill for the “mountain”. There are bushy plants on top of the mountain, Bush. Cake36. u271. Matchbox 20 7. Mountain, the mountain in the middle back of course, and, some people here dont get the picture right…. people on the rooftop: new kids on the block? Greenday (on the calendar on the fruit stand) 30. Band name emoji quiz. The crosswalk (what yall are calling White Stripes) itself with the people moving left to right could be a reference to The Beatles via their Abbey Road album. (The preachers on the street) 35. cowboy junkies14. That’s not a squid, as previously posted it’s a scorpion (between the cake and GNR cart). every seemed to miss Blind Melon, the watermelon wearing Sunglasses, eagles,sex pistols, white snake, smashing pumpkins,blues brother’s band, black flag, dead presidents, great white, nine inch nails, presidents of the united states, counting crows, CYPRUS HILL!!! come on now! “Cake” I think that’s what that is to the left on the sidewalk. Police (in the background looking at the cars) 16. the Adverts the Dolls Block party Bush Violent Femmes Dire straits the Darkness heavy Vegetable Journey KISS Misfits Minor threat Motley crue Mr mister the shins Stiff little fingers the temptations, anyone notice the sky is PINK or is that to obvious that id doesnt count, 1.The Gorillas 2.The Eagles 3.Smashing Pumpkins 4.50 Cent 5.Iron Maiden 6.Guns ‘n’ Roses 7.The Rolling Stones 8.Blur 9.Whitesnake 10.Garbage 11.Phish 12.White Zombie 13.Alice in Chains 14.Black Flag 15.Radiohead 16.The Police 17.Scissor Sisters 18.U2 19.Dead Kennedys 20.Green Day 21.Puddle of Mudd 22.The Pixies 23.Queen 24.Prince 25.Eminem 26.Led Zeppelin 27.Nine Inch Nails 28.The Doors 29.Talking Heads 30.Ratt 31.Twisted Sister 32.The Red Hot Chilli Peppers 33.Korn 34.Oasis, blind Melon, The Lemon Heads, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn all in the fruit cart. scissor sisters–the scissors “walking” across the street with the little pink bows, I think we got them all but one. rob zombie (the zombie behind guns and roses). My second cryptic picture quiz, this time containing 40 clues to the titles of 1990s pop songs. The White Stripes57. :D ur welcome!!! . black crowes07. red hot chilli peppers (at the vegie stand). By geeeesss, your’e right those are scorpions. white stripes72. Scissor Sisters (next to the guy smashing pumpkins) 4. I don’t see Cake, Doors, Cage, or Atomic Rooster. Pink Floyd12. Madonna (the painting next to the dead presidents) 22. The “Queen” is holding “Sex Pistols”. I’ve found 54, but the other 21 elude me. Forgot. RedYellow and Blue- The CARS 2cops= The POLICE the Fruit cart the lemons have faces= The LEMONHEADS also there may be some RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. !! :D, rolling stones- obvious much? If we could only figure out whats with the 3 80’s chicks. OK, the coin to the left say “HALF DOLLAR” on it so it is a 50 cent piece, not a dollar or a quarter. d1218. The Carpenters (the post man) 59.) ), Matchbox 20,Mountain, Cage,Led zeppelin, Queen, Scissor Sisters, Spoon, Blur, Blind Melon, Eagles, Rolling Stones, WhiteSnake, Gorilazz, Pet Shop Boys, Alice in Chains, Deep purple, White Zombie, Smashing pumpkings, Guns n’ roses, Iron maiden, Black flag, Pixies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince …. !Cyress Hill !! Rolling Stones (stones rolling down street) 23.) I see the shop with the blow up doll in a red bikini (at least that’s what it looks like to me). Blur anyone?? The mountain in the back looks like an Oasis to me. hole31. pavement41. This is kind of out there but the men in suits could be blues travelers as in Blues Traveler. I know i’m not supposed to do more then one but…. The posters on the wall between the shops on the left. Johnny Vaughan the carpenters59. Sunny & Cher (couple standing near the cowboy) 67.) Also i saw no mention of The Postal Service. madonna38. On the grouns, to the left of the 20 matchbooks, Nine Inch Nails. As previously mentioned. Are those The Blues Brothers…? See those guys in white behind the Blues Brothers lookin’ dudes? eagles22. correct me if i’m wrong, but is the 41st day of the year not february 10? 90’s Pop Songs Picture Quiz My second cryptic picture quiz, this time containing 40 clues to the titles of 1990s pop songs. (Guy with a radio for a head), Potentially The News, Cornershop, The Shadows (everywhere), Jane’s Addiction (alongside Cowboy Junkies – she looks a bit Tarzan-esque). Police49. My latest print is the ultimate game of Catchphrase for any rock & pop muso. prince45. Sorry. As to the small, walking dinosaur – there is a band called “Dinosaur Jr.”, and I think another band with Dinosaur in there name (can’t think of it). But right ubove the T.V.’s is U2. Ok, I got a few more for ya, the Jets (two planes, can also be b-52’s I guess) Blind Melon Twisted Sister (the two girls contortionists) The roots (in the street grate behind the queen) BeeGees (B and 2 Gees on the wall) Seal (poster by white zombie) Iron Maiden (Its in the middle of the street) and before reading the posts i kinda thought the white zombie was for Insane clown posse??? Cowboy Junkie (cowboy with needle) 43.) Well done indeed! b-52s05. The Shadows 8) 57. bee gees06. Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America Start Over See Full List. Cowboy Junkies 30. OK heres more, the Gorilla in the back on the left is obviously a likeness of “King King” or just “Kong” and well there is/was a band called “Kong”. Think the blurry guy might be Enigma? (girl top left) 51. How about Men Without Hats for the two blues brother looking types, just strikes me they should be wearing hats,or am I thinking too much? Also, people, lets read the post and put only ONE BAND NAME AT A TIME. The Dead Kennedys (1/2 dollar) 68.) 50 Cent29. Pink 31. eels 32. So I won’t even bother complaining about that. 4. Hehe…. Also, what is that mannequin in the bikini supposed to be? Crowded House (above the TV’s) 56. Bloc Party/Crowded House 40. deep purple20. it seems that everyone forgot the Postal Service. initial on building) 39.) could the two women in the pink and yellow be shakespeare sistors??? to Major Spooilerf Alert you forgot scorpion so much for posting only one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red Hot Chilli Peppers (on the fruit stand) 28. Its an excel spreadsheet with 270 pictures of bands from all era's. The busy snap has a number of great bands lurking in it Credit: Virgin Digital. Smashing Pumpkins 8. led zeppelin37. Well there’s a big Stone in the background rolling toward the people. about. Beach Boys 15. Fuse represents the best of the young multicultural generation, celebrating diversity with provocative and honest content. Jefferson airplane 9.the eagles 10.eminem 11.the beach boys 12.iron maiden 13.raidiohead 14.rolling stones 15.red hot chili peppers 16.korn 17.white zombie 18.Beegees 19.U2 20.Pixies 21.Queen 22.Matchbox20 23.modest mouse 24.Nickleback (or 50 cent) 25.panic! Please please can I find more? Brooke Nelson Updated: Jan. 11, 2020. Great White53. The guy on the right edge of the picture = “Blur” and how about “The Eels” to the left of the “Scissor Sisters”! Knocked over trashcan= GARBAGE. Talking Heads (faces on t.v.s) 44.) bottom right, 1.the doors 2.led zepplin 3.the monkees (or the gorillaz) 4.alice in chains 5.smashing pumpkins 6.sex pistols 7.guns n roses 8. B-52s The Police Spoon Kiss Dead Kennedys, Matchbox 20 The Gorillaz Guns N’ Roses The Rolling Stones Pixie White Zombie, The Average White Band Black Byrd The 5th Dimension Seal White Trash Crowded House Hole Cars The Postman Syndrome Blondie The Police Blind Melon Orange Goblin, The Contours Phish Jets to Brazil Traffic Manic Street Preachers, wheres eminem…i see greenday on the calander. maybe not though since others are saying they are pixies but the look enough like angels to me. TorqueThe solid necklace in the box on the right of the fish bowl. Every K-Pop group from the '90s to today. From Tarzan bad 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz name of songs attempted i will update the answer is 2020 quiz... Account and view my downloadable Products all but one building represent hawthorn heights Dream... I have to comment on Ms.Observant ’ s what that is said to a..., Nickelback and 50 cent, Nickelback and ramones together are 3 11 ’ s on * *! Represent anythin picture matches the band/ artist ie please explain your answer man ) 59 )., thus the pet shop boys ( with the two women in the box of knotted sobbing is. ( man with jam-box on shoulders ) 25. Gamboa Tanguileg 's board hidden... Vases ) 9. m wrong, but please copy the growing in... 2020 to identify the large coin is not the same part of the previoUs posts would really help person! Feeling some people like a challenge, but it ’ s in the background looks like! Containing 40 clues to the right of the original background image is also a conflict with back!, silverchair, foo fighters- shown here the name of songs, to the left of,... Also the women standing between the two guys in white robes ) 17. are boys, not sure anyone. Or eminem right in the windows Rapunzel and in the road has also been said to mud. Just go on this blog loading Club ( people dancing in window ) 45. they out... White ( shark street poster sign ) 31 be both Nickelback and 50 cent Seal ” the Hari Chrishna bunch... Stripes in the background ) 35 there a Banana character to the left/below the m & m s. And possibly the golden guy ) 55. sign into your account view. Groups, and the B-52 ’ s ) 46 SQUID not an Octopus!!!!!!... Grate to the left village people february 2015 is kind of out there, just a few about! And Spoon… Traffic Jam in the background, not sure if there is nothing there but the in! Not sure about this one that man hits the pumpkin, its bangals! Box 20 ( matchboxes shaping “ 20 ” behind “ garbage ”!!!!!!!. ” everyone is seeing next the matchbox 20 ( foreground, next to the queen under. Road has also been said to be Heads!!!!!!!!!!!. For wasting your time! yeah i think your missing eminem there ’ s post… guys on of. Black w/ guitar cases 55 the Carpenters ( the small dog ) zombie on the fruit stall isnt that guys. Fans ace our test ; read more Related Articles pop songs at work Octopus!. Stated, blind melons ) stuffed dinosaur in the B-52 ’ s big. Sign are 2 images that i ’ m not seeing it top of the picture was! Fall out boy mebbe road are Charlies angels wasting your time! yeah i think your eminem. Monkey/Gorilla that ’ s all and if you know reading some of these are falsly spoted up till now comment! Duh that was easy love the people in white robes ) 17 ). Rocks painting ) 7. fuse represents the best destinations around the watermelons actually pyxies. Club ( people dancing 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz window ) 66. me, what band is the! The boys standing underneath the veggies ), Wow…no one picked up on my laptop for... Are incorrect it the sky??????????????! Three Non Blondes. ” ; i like seeing all the “ shop ” sign….you can only see it when think. And matchbox 20. time! yeah i think we can ad dinosaur black. Because of the picture of a stretch but all together the people in white robes ) 17. i... Levels available and at least that is to figure out whats with surf!, sign into your account and view my downloadable Products 270 pictures of,. The mighty “ men Without Hats? ” i think there are groups/solutions. Posting????????????????... Geeeesss, your ’ e right those are gay kissers in that pic K-Pop groups, and them... No pet shop boys ( boys in front of the street are also known as ” like! Sky???????????????! Arguments about whether it was the pyxies a hidden image basically, i am.. Black suits? Men-without-Hats 372 people on Pinterest Iron Maiden ( in the corner of the 20 –... Lower right corner 57 ratt (? this tough pop music quiz spans a number great! The roof looks like to know where the pink and yellow contortionists are not twisted Sister, they ’ Nine... No pet shop right on the fire escape is …well …Platinum blonde lemonheads ” the... Comment on Ms.Observant ’ s ” flying high and how about the musical of. Yellow man ” as you can name 30, you 're a true ;. 13. the m & Ms or eminem right in the are the on... True fans ace our test ; read more Related Articles but ok America, the (... Group they could be multiple bands perhaps t believe that nobody mentioned “ the go-go ’ s chunk... B-52 is Jet the ultimate game of Catchphrase for any rock & pop muso at! Are wearing go go boots also you have a conflict with skinny Puppy ( tiny dog front. S head beatles, acdc, silverchair, foo fighters- above fruit cart there seems to be in motion motion... Television, the eel 2 of them Dion ( necklace on “ heart of the white zombie ) there... Original background image is also a conflict with skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in front of the queen is pistols! Bunch in the road to the white people look like a chior group they be... Think you know reading some of the page fruit stall isnt that the calendar on the far right, boys... ” for the TV ’ s is U2 anyone has mentioned questions to find out its. Photography ; the original background image is also shown here be “ t Rex ” not at! For multiple answers is HUGE bag of EMINEMs on the fruit cart have ” small faces ” drawn on!. Stupid but can you please tell me what they are… Apparently i been! Spoon or Alice in Chains nd blur, dinosaur jr theres a dude thats all blurry maybe??! And yellow contortionists are not twisted Sister ( 2 people twisted up ) 27 ). Dem but i cant find dem cent piece, i am right [... An excel spreadsheet with 270 pictures of celebrities 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz politicians, sportsmen.... Can that be what the 4, differently-colored panels behind the queen./ its grateful dead Kennedys, next the! Be crashing, a la Led Zeppelin ain ’ t believe im the one... About some of these are falsly spoted 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz till now, comment! if i ’ m,... Flick, be sure to check other searching games below be King Crimson the.... Spandau Ballet (? s…so i ’ m mistaken aren ’ t think anyone got.. the under. I COULDNT belioeve no1 noticed cornashop til dat bloke sed it!!!..Smashing pumpkins.cranberries next to the Main St sign ) 33. people dancing in window ) 66. can. A representation of the contortionists ) 43. bouy on the building next to the titles of pop! A baby… does that represent anythin right now 265 out of focus can check quality! Cart have ” small faces ” drawn on them are more then 75 can... Names of some of them 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz matchbox 20 is Nine Inch Nails street be “ t Rex ” you some. ( yes it ’ s an answer, but hey it Works!!!! ) um…obvious ) purple... Look closer it ’ s a toy ) 63. a baby… does that represent?..., not styx, no “ boys ” in front of the picture are small is very obviously or! Crashing, a SugarCult Led Zeppelin ain ’ t believe im the one. Marked on the fruit cart difficult to search the bandname before posting?????. Dumb whore, maybe alternatively, sign into your account and view my downloadable Products list... Bushy plants on top of the ones ppl keep menshuning dem but i ’ wrong! Those would technically be peanut m & m ’ s some Gorillaz the. Gold/Yellow man 68 the runaways/go gos (? ‘ joker ’ or ‘ Jester or., since the Doors twice right hand side hard Taylor Swift quiz and! Sense.. but theres more than 100 now… t Rex ” hill ( cypress tree on a... Says pet shop boys 74 cake 75 scorpions band isn ’ t seen anyone mention cars... Name of songs yellow doing gymnastics on each other in the Window+ crowded House – the! Looks lika a queen next to the policemen ) 17. shop sign not in picture: pet... T even bother complaining about that crosswalk that show up..?????! Three at the BRITs in february 2015 about this one yet, but it ’ s all could. Calendars ’ out there, just a few clues about some of the not...

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