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Can you pick the set of emojis that matches each song from the 1980s? Just a little hint, ALL of these songs have been in the Vodafone Big Top 40 at some point or another. More Printable Christmas Games. If you consider yourself a wiz when it comes to riddles, or if you just need a break from the hectic world around you - give this quiz a try! In a world where emojis are our main form of communication, we put your knowledge to the test. What song is that?! Can you speak fluent emoji? Cinderella 6. Deck the Halls 3. Frosty the Snowman 6. Deck the Halls 12. 10 December 2020, 11:19. Santa Claus is Coming to Town 4. Another trick to get the answers right is to merge the meaning of the two pics to form the correct answer for example a picture with 3, followed by french flag and hen will be 3 French Hen. Baby, It’s Cold Outside 9. Can You Guess The Christmas Movie From The Emojis? Download and print this Christmas songs emoji game in the design of your choice according to the number of the guests who’ll be playing this game. For more Christmas party games for the family, make sure to check out the link-up below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Play a race-to win-game to see who can guess them the fastest! Advertisement. skip to navigation. Take this Christmas movie emoji quiz and reveal the answers to see if you're the boss of cryptic emoji puzzles! We've picked out a bunch of songs that went to Number 1 and turned their titles into emojis. Then take our quiz! We’ve put together a set of emoji clues for some very well-known Christmas carols – some a little more cryptic than others. Remember, all you have to do is say what you see. FREE Christmas Songs Emoji Game Printable Click to Tweet Christmas Song Emoji Game. To get all of the correct answers, simply download the game PDF below, and it comes with a sheet of answers too! Guess the Christmas carol from the emojis. The 'pack' includes the 7 songs as individual PNG files, and 1 PDF file of them all. A small & quick puzzle I used as a filler. Explore our Gig Guide. Well, you’re in luck! Good to use as a plenary or fun christmas activity. Nov 27, 2019 - Free Printable Christmas Songs Emoji Pictionary Quiz Answer Key Test your knowledge on this music quiz and compare your score to others. Let it Snow 8. These games are a twist to the old pictionary game and everyone will get the same set of quiz questions. Ready to challenge yourself? We Three Kings 11. Blue Christmas 13. Santa Baby 5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 7. Don’t you worry, we’ve got the best mind teasers, trivia, and general knowledge questions to test how smart you really are when it comes to all things knowledge, education, and more! Oh, Christmas Tree 9. Think you know your James Bond from your Jaws? The Nightmare Before Christmas | 3. White Christmas 15. The guest with most correct answers will be the winner. There are 10 to beat! Can you guess the song titles from the emojis? We were grooving to this The whole family can play it together and compete. Walking in a Winter Wonderland 3. What Child is This? Click on the image to view answer. Jingle Bells 2. Dec 22, 2016 - Download your copy of the Christmas Songs Emoji Quiz The Muppet Christmas Carol | 2. The aim of the game is to name all 15 songs using nothing but the emoji sequences displayed below. Some emojis sequences “spell out” the title, while others contain famous clues from the films. Heart. When you've mastered this, we've got loads of Christmas quizzes for you to explore - plus Christmas videos, jokes and more. Can you unscramble the track titles from the emoji clues? Marie Ladisch / Tue 21 April. Ask them to guess all the Christmas songs with the help of the Emojis displayed on each line.

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