Dr. Haji Ali Mohammadi: The production of hybrid vehicles, the route that needs to be traversed

The vice president of the Motor Research Association of Iran, on issues related to the production of hybrid cars, said: “One of the major problems in the field of hybrid cars is the cost of these cars due to the technologies used in it and At the moment, their production is not economical for domestic automakers. On the other hand, the infrastructure for testing parts, cars and making parts of these cars, such as batteries and electric motors in the country is not ready.Dr. Alireza Haj Ali Mohammadi, in a conversation with the car news reporter, added: “The difference between hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles is that electric cars are all-electric vehicles, and their mechanisms are completely electric and do not have a combustion engine, while in hybrid vehicles, in addition to On the existence of an electric motor, there is also a type of combustion engine in their building.

He noted in Erdama about government support for the production of hybrid cars: in recent years, there has been little government support for industrialization and the production of hybrid vehicles.
He added that the reduction of import tariffs for hybrid cars, which is a significant step in the development of these cars, is not enough and, in order to support domestic automakers, some of the import tariffs for foreign cars could be set up to launch hybrid vehicle production lines, which could be expected in these vehicles. The near future will be mass production.

“The contribution of turbocharged engines to reducing air pollution is far lower than that of hybrid vehicles because turbocharged engines actually have an internal combustion engine,” said the vice president of the Iranian Motor Research Association on the role of turbocharging engines and hybrid vehicles in reducing air pollution.

He added: “Currently, one of the ways to reduce vehicle emissions in the metropolitan areas of Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan is the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

He concludes, “Although the predictions about the future of cars and the share of hybrid and electric cars from the entire world of automotive production are uncertain, many predictions of major companies and major players in the field of combustion engines and hybrid and electric vehicles The share of hybrid and electric cars from the car market in 2025 (seven years later) is 50%. Therefore, it is imperative for domestic automakers to have a special look at the issue and develop such vehicles in order to avoid retreating from car production cars in the world.

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