Mir Salim: 80 percent of the air pollution of metropolises is affected by vehicle exhaust fumes

The president of the tenth session of the internal combustion engines and petrol engine, said that 80 percent of the air pollution of the metropolises was influenced by the exhaust emissions and emphasized the need for balance in the fuel basket of the country.

According to IRNA’s economic reporter, Seyyed Mostafa Mirsalim said at a news conference on the tenth session of the internal combustion engines and petroleum engine at the site of the Iran Motor Vehicle Research Center. The root causes of the two main issues of fuel consumption of cars and air pollution of metropolitan areas are technical and technical measures For them.

According to Mirsalim, the source of urban pollution, smoke from cars, smoke from furnaces and burners.

Mirsalim reminded: Iran has rich natural gas resources and should be leading the use of combustion engines with CNG consumption.

The professor at the University of Amir Kabir referred to the Rio International Conference in 1991 in Brazil, calling for natural gas countries to prioritize this fuel source and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

Referring to the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, he called for the design of engines with this technology, and stated: “We will not meet the relevant standards except by improving the quality of the automotive parts and increasing the skills of the workers and workers.”

Mirsalim also called for plans to balance the country’s fuel basket, pointing to the country’s key privilege in having rich oil and gas resources, emphasizing the increased use of CNG fuel in cars.

He said: “A basket of 60 percent of gasoline, 20 percent of gas oil and 20 percent of natural gas is scheduled to move in this direction.

Chairman of the tenth meeting of internal combustion engines and oil engines, said there are now nearly three million basic gas cars in the country, most of them converted, but the future of the country’s car should be designed with basic gas vehicles.

** Hybrid vehicles

In addition, Vahid Esfahanian, the scientific secretary of the conference, added: “Addressing the issue of hybrid and electric vehicle technology, as well as new CNG technologies and internal combustion engines, is one of the plans foreseen at the conference.

Also, Seyed Mohammad Afghahi, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Motor Research Association of Iran, said: “The three-cylinder engines that are now being produced by domestic automakers are a route to hybrid vehicles and the main focus of the conference.

He announced the seventh exhibition of automobile engines alongside the tenth congresses of internal combustion engines and oil.

According to IRNA, the tenth session of the internal combustion engines and oil engines will be held on January 24-26 at the Petroleum Research Institute.

Development of fuel and power strategy, New and clean fuels, Modern engine technology, Combustion in internal combustion engines and its pollution control, Fluid dynamics of internal combustion engines, Sound and vibration, Engine management and regulation, Lubrication, Motor compliance with Automobile, causes of failures and processes to improve parts, and design and manufacture of internal combustion engines and their components, are the main axes of this conference.

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