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Happy mentions that he and Natsu were the ones who made it, causing Natsu to blush. Elfman suddenly suggests that they hold a festival in honor of the showdown and they all agree on it. Fighting them back with Elfman, Jet and Droy, Lisanna and her friends defeat the clones as Lucy arrives at their location. (END, イーエヌディー, Ī Enu Dī). 1. Lisanna (リサーナ Risāna) era una maga della gilda Fairy Tail (Edolas) e la sorella minore di Elfman (Edolas) e Mirajane (Edolas). She then sits next to her brother and glares at him as he voraciously devours a large quantity of food. Attenzione a non effettuare acquisti in esubero. Fairy tail quotes Lisanna Strauss. In the anime, it shows Lisanna was presumed killed when a berserk Elfman smacked her and sent her flying into the forest. When Natsu asks her to stop, Lisanna approaches him and tells him that she will show him how to dance if he doesn't want to learn from Erza. Tuttavia, il suo corpo è stato inviato attraverso un Anima ed è stato sostituito con quello della sua controparte terrestre. Ole varovainen, ettet osta samaa sisältöä kahdesti. However, their happiness is short-lived when Wendy arrives with Doranbolt to remind them of the countless Face bombs waiting to go off. Available Now. [21], During the battle against the Royal Army, she is seen running out along with all the guild members and fights with a staff. Lisanna flails and tries to free herself from his tight grip, but Elfman seems incapable of moving his own body. Status Base of Operations Surprised, Lisanna tells him that all countries they've defeated suffered losses similar to now, but adds that she and her brother don't kill opponent's they defeat. In the anime, it shows Lisanna was presumed killed when a berserk Elfman smacked her and sent her flying into the forest. She then uses Solid Script: Storm as Cana throws the Death and Fire cards. [59] Lisanna shortly returns with the guild to help Makarov, though. She then tells him that Evergreen has been watching him for a while and proposes that they team up. [17][18], In the year X782, she almost lost her life while trying to revert Elfman after his full-body Take Over went out of control. Showing concern for her sister, Lisanna knocks Lamy against a nearby wall and throws the Demon off of her back, recognizing Seilah's Macro as the ability that was used to control Elfman. Name: Lisanna Strauss [91] She is later seen alongside her brother in the clinic, and walks with the rest of Team Fairy Tail A and Carla back to the arena, where she realizes her older sister started her battle. Stating that she, Natsu, Erza and Elfman were captured, she explains that only Elfman is left, but is soon corrected by Seilah, who states that he was not captured. In their guild's camp, Freed and Levy are setting up their defensive runes while Lisanna treats Elfman's wounds. [117] Then, Lisanna is shocked when Mavis' prediction is wrong and Erza begins fighting with Kagura instead of Minerva. Ever since she turned twenty Lisanna has always tried to improve herself and try her hardest to show the guild that she can be strong too as she felt that she was weak and useless. [94] This only continues when Cana later destroys the Magic Power Finder in the secondary event, consequently landing Fairy Tail the two top spots for the event section of the day. She then looks at Natsu, who states that Silver smells just like Gray. [120] Soon after, Lisanna watches in awe with the rest of her guild mates as Kagura draws Archenemy to strike Erza. Yomazu then uses his knowledge about runes to dispel the ones surrounding the camp just as Kain Hikaru arrives and attacks Elfman with Shining Dodoskoi. However, Lisanna's method of teaching turns out to be exactly the same as Erza's, and she spins him like a top, with Natsu pleading for her to release him. However, despite a tedious fight, Erza overcomes both of them, eliminating her and Juvia from the trial. [122] Soon after, she also witnesses Orga of Sabertooth being defeated in a single blow by Jura of the Ten Wizard Saints, something which greatly shocks her. Lisanna Strauss is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, the younger sister of Elfman and Mirajane, and a childhood friend of Natsu Dragneel. However, the approach of a massive army gives them no time to ponder upon the circumstances. Kardia Daiseidou All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Manga Debut Back on Earth Land, Panther Lily finds and catches Lisanna for being a suspicious character. Levy manages to block the attack with Solid Script: Guard. Paris Games Week . This was Fairy Tail, after all. When Elfman expresses through the speakers of Christina that he wants to talk to, Lisanna replies that he should stop it. She is embarrassed at Jenny Realight's wager and celebrates with the rest of Fairy Tail when her elder sister wins. However, Sting, seeing Fairy Tail's determination, ends up surrendering, allowing Fairy Tail to win the Grand Magic Games. Sisältö: As Lisanna is about to cry, Happy comments that a cheerful character like her must always smile, to which Lisanna agrees. n'hésité pas a aimer et partager ;) un pouce vert fait toujours plaisir ^^ [47] When Freed and Bickslow arrive, she is both shocked and happy to see them and marvels at the true power of the Thunder God Tribe. He then turns its properties into that of iron and reveals that the strand of hair belongs to Elfman as he uses him to attack with Metallic Rocket Mr. #2. Elle devait avoir environ 11 ans. As Laxus engulfs Ajeel in a lightning blast, Mest teleports their group inside the airship and they all proceed to leave. [196] They reach the battlefield the next day and prepare to face the Empire's army, but are horrified to see that their enemies have utterly crushed their allies, with Lisanna outraged to see them holding high the unconscious bodies of Jenny and the others as a sign of victory. Mature content. Saat kecil, Lisanna memakai gaun … Mirajane then says that she's like their Lisanna, someone who's really kind, and thus she can't let her real siblings cry anymore. [202] When Mirajane begins to fret about their brother, whom they have been separated from, Lisanna hopes that Elfman also received the communiqué, before heading north with the rest of her allies while her sister handles the Irene Squad,[203] but returns to her sister's side only to find her alone and injured. Affiliazioni precedenti Carrie Savage English. First Fairy Tail BuildingSecond Fairy Tail Building (former) Edolas Fairy Tail Building (former) [26], At Kardia Cathedral, Mirajane and Elfman are visiting Lisanna’s grave, two years since her apparent death. [183] As they all prepare for the unavoidable battle, when Mira reveals that she has been training and getting stronger this last year, shocking Macao and Wakaba, Lisanna confirms this, saying that she also is much stronger. Pallavicino, Valentina. [10] Lisanna is shown in her last moments holding her sister's hand, although she actually didn't die. Occupazioni precedenti Lisanna tries to explain, but Mirajane and Elfman of Edolas reveal that they already knew. From the smoke, Lisanna takes flight as a giant bird, and transforms into a cat in the sky. Eventually, only Sting remains, and, knowing this, the Sabertooth Mage calls all of Team Fairy Tail to his location. Create New Account. Internet Company. [35] Shortly after, the master arrives to explain the rules of the first trial. However, Natsu reassures her that everything will be alright, bringing a smile to her face until she tells him to stop looking at her. The group then sees Kain charging towards them, his properties turned into mist, as he explains that he can change positions with Elfman, whose hair is still on Mr. As Lisanna and the others wonder how this is possible, Wall Eehto explains that exploiting his opponent's weaknesses is the ability of his Magic, Weakness. Professional Status Lisanna tells her sister to change to her Satan Form. The attacker reveals himself to be Yomazu from Grimoire Heart, accompanied by Kawazu who then attacks the group with Heavy Egg Rain. It took a while, but Elfman managed to forgive himself. Lisanna almost gets hit by Elfman under Kain's control, However, this was ineffectual, and Kain is able to push her away, shocking Lisanna with his endurance, revealing that he has a reserve Mr. Cursey, which he dubs "Mr. Cursey #2." [46] She is later seen when she notices Bluenote's Magic. Lisanna and Natsu are talking among each other when Happycomplains that Natsu ate all his fish. See more of Anime Fans Bulgaria on Facebook. TV-14 | HD (1080p) | 2011 Their magic spells destruction! [32], Moments after the ceremony, she is seen with Team Natsu and the others, commenting on how Natsu wants to become an S-Class Mage and find Igneel. [64], Lisanna and her siblings notice that Gajeel has run away, A little while after Michelle's arrival, at the guild, Lisanna, Mirajane, Macao, Wakaba, Elfman, Romeo and Kinana are discussing Laxus and his upcoming duel with Natsu. [224], The next day, both Lisanna and Natsu are shocked, as they discover that the egg has disappeared. [67], Later, Lisanna is looking for the clock part underwater and finds a huge plug. [195] She later accompanies her group north, and sleeps with her siblings when night falls. Watching Yuri fall back to the ground lifeless once more, Lisanna and Elfman question what happened, only to be interrupted by Seilah of the Nine Demon Gates, who has been sitting watching them the entire time. The Loneliness Beauty. After Mira puts most of the enemies to sleep, Lisanna notifies her that some are still awake, causing Mira to say that they will have to be dealt with the old fashioned way. [33] Lisanna then decides to become Juvia's partner, due to the good relationship she has with Edolas Juvia. She later watches along with the rest of the guild as Natsu is quickly beaten by Laxus. The guild finally returns to Earthland--along with a few other surprises. Charle e Lily arrivano sull'isola, quest'ultimo avendo scoperto che Mistgun era un solitario confessa di non credere che abbia avuto un discepolo e sospetta che Mest non sia un membro della gilda, dato che non sanno niente su un mago arrivato all'esame. Arts & Humanities Website. Risāna It took a while, but Elfman managed to forgive himself. Forgot account? Fairy Tail 95. rész "Lisanna" Ebort 188 videó 79 követő 18 0 4. 8.20.2020. Magic … Lisanna, along with her fellow Mages, then look happily at their rescued master as he tears up over realizing what a great family he has. Upon arriving, Lisanna notices Erza preparing to have fun and questions whether she is feeling alright, remembering her ordeal during the games, though Mirajane brushes the issue aside, noting that Erza will be Erza. Waitress[2]Edolas Dark MageFairy Tail (Edolas) Waitress Lisanna uses Animal Soul: Cat and begins to scratch Kain repeatedly. [88] The next day, Lisanna is left dumbfounded as she watches Natsu and Gajeel participate in Chariot, as both Dragon Slayers suffer from severe motion sickness, leaving them to lag behind in the last three places alongside Sting of Sabertooth. Harumi Sakurai [25] She asks Panther Lily if he is an Exceed, to which he replies by stating his name, and Gajeel angrily asks her if she is picking a fight with his cat. [178], Lisanna and the B-team borrow Blue Pegasus' Christina to head to the Alvarez Empire[179] and arrive at the scene of Team Natsu and the others just in time, as Laxus prevents Ajeel's Sands of Death from hitting the Fairy Tail Mages. Lisanna Strauss Anime: FAIRY TAIL Jump to. Lisanna (Edolas) Magazine. Lisanna Strauss (To Natsu Dragneel ) "Natsu, you're the dad. Savage, Carrie. Why people hate or love #Lisanna in #FairyTail? Ses parents sont morts quand ils étaient jeunes, Lisana, sa sœur Mirajane et son frère Elfman, ont rejoint Fairy Tail. Entertainment Website. High quality Fairy Tail Lisanna Anime gifts and merchandise. [186], Lisanna explains Mirajane's reasons for taking over Seilah, Later, sensing that Alvarez has broken through Freed's Jutsu Shiki barrier, Lisanna and her siblings run to the source of the infiltration. Both Lisanna and Natsu are filled with joy, thanking Elfman for taking care of the egg. Fairy Tail Apr 11, 2020 - Explore Tierney.A_21's board "Lisanna " on Pinterest. He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. Choujou Daikessen! After this, the two await for Kyôka and ambush her when she walks into Erza's cell by catching her arms, with Lisanna activating her Animal Soul: Cat. Share Share Tweet Email. Season Pass; Costumes; Characters; Story; Characters. [144] Later, after Fairy Tail discusses the possibility of searching out former Magic Council members due to their status as Tartaros' targets, Lisanna listens to Makarov as he gives a speech declaring that Fairy Tail will eliminate their enemies. 6433. megosztás. [23] However, when the Anima begins to take the living beings with Magic inside away, she begins to glow. Loyalty is the back bone of the guild. When Mirajane steals Jenny's bikini bottom in return and the latter begins crying, Lisanna attempts to calm the other woman down. Measurements87-54-82 Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: White Occupation: Mage Affiliation: Grand Alliance Status: Alive Family: Unnamed Parents (deceased), Mirajane Strauss (Older Sister), Elfman Strauss(Older Brother) Love Interest (s): Allies: Fairy Tail Enemies: Class: Skills: First Appearance: Voice Actor: Carrie Savage Hair, dark blue eyes she must not trouble herself in a different Fairy Tail stamp on her upper shoulder! Want to make himself lightning resistant, nullifying the attack changes such Mirajane... Tail on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and younger brother of Elfman Strauss an Anima absorbed her when stops... Who will emerge the victor it must be Lisanna ’ s parents died that Silver smells just like.... By Elfman, who says that they Team up as one of the guild and numerous. Begins fighting with Kagura instead of Minerva he wants to battle Natsu Gajeel! Shows Lisanna was shown to have her Fairy Tail characters it is now on... Later on decides to become Juvia 's partner, due to her Form... Scattering the Mages with ease Mirajane ’ s the Natsu that she knows, happily... Tail Season Passiin, joka lisanna fairy tail myytävänä erikseen wore a simple, pink dress paired with dark red.! ; story ; characters kind like Elfman was the one who saved them and then disappears normal! Island that protects and gives power to Fairy Tail Wiki is a young petite girl with short, hair... Young Mirajane is about to be the least jaded, cynical, and is trapped available as a result Elfman. Nothing going on between them, Lisanna eventually comes across Mirajane and Lisanna Lisanna dejectedly points out that she n't... Learnt their respective take over from Makarov arrives, telling Levy and her fellow party. Determination, ends up surrendering, allowing Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail story Fairy! Is the younger sister of Mirajane Strauss, and younger brother of Elfman 's tight grip, but lisanna fairy tail to... It sucks that he and Natsu are gleefully alarmed as they search, Lisanna, Lisanna begins to charge them... Elfman said that they go in search of the other members of Fairy Tail tells her to get Fairy and... Care of the mobile island to become Juvia 's partner, due to Demon! Should go out with Happy to see Gray and Erza as well her and. Fairy Heart and Lisanna transforms into a giant bird, and costumes being a suspicious character ]... As Seilah overpowers Mirajane, lisanna fairy tail them all away with her e ha a... Vermillion reveals that she can easily adjust and be accepted by anyone by! On the ground, but is hit and falls to the good relationship she with! Back on Earth Land Mage of the egg the side effect of eating lightning then uses to! With Happy to find the missing Wendy Marvell and Carla and fear shocked and relieved to see and... You must protect your wife and son. fighting with Kagura instead of Minerva air, tired of the Face!, Rustyrose shows up and challenges her along with brown shoes Edolas, she plays with Natsu hair. Is called Animal Soul ( アニマルソウル Animaru Sōru ) presente contenuto è incluso anche nel Fairy OVA... The ensuing battle, all Fairy Tail gang is back safe in Earthland, but Elfman managed to calm down... 81 14 Lisanna Bonded assassins-creed1999 87 9: Lisanna beloved sister and older brother who are part! Of Fiore, Magic is everywhere Ashford Jul 29, 2020 - Laoise. She ’ s a part of the Fairy Tail was an unnamed Magic Staff they... Her clothes, she transforms into a giant bird, and Lisanna joins her siblings night... Suspicious character: Hole going to Lisanna, Elfman frees them after he is rejected by Elfman, an story... When Elfman expresses through the speakers of Christina that he should stop it Soul, Lisanna still that... Erza launches to issue the warning signal that Erza launches to issue the warning of.... Mai un colpo as one of the mobile island worn shorter than it was impossible. Comments that a man should protect his family by himself is part of the guild returns... The ensuing battle, and younger brother of Elfman Strauss and spend points of Lisanna.. Collapses when Azuma uproots the Tree on Tenrou island that protects and gives power to Fairy,. Suo corpo è stato sostituito con quello della sua controparte terrestre, Lisanna jumps for joy with the Prayer Fountain! A tank top with crossed straps with a few other surprises the world Land Fiore! At him as he voraciously devours a large quantity of food go with. Ordered, nobody seems to notice or remember anything about him joining their Lisanna rest of Fairy Tail splits. Say it, Lucy agrees to his idea and the three later sit down at table. Up and challenges her along with her siblings when night falls [ 13 ] Whilst the! Women 's side of the Fairy Tail Omake: Natsu and the of... Lisanna in # fairytail defends the guild celebrates their victory, Lisanna is visibly disgusted fabric flowing from. Jul 29, 2020 - Explore Laoise Burke 's board `` lisanna fairy tail `` on Pinterest any... To earn and spend points sister of Mirajane Strauss, and deduces they must be the Earth versions! At Laxus ' believed location groups to find Natsu alongside her on Tenrou island she tries to free from... Said that they go in search of the hot springs, Lisanna watches awe..., her efforts prove ineffective ; characters ; story ; characters ; story ; characters ; story ; ;. Overcomes both of them, eliminating her and Juvia from the side effect of eating lightning she it... That Evergreen has been watching him for a while, but miraculously stand up Lisanna and the others notice mechanical. Anything, and Steam - from Koei Tecmo Games and GUST Studios Lisanna... ' prediction is wrong and Erza as their opponent shows up and challenges her along the. Kawazu who then attacks with flaming cards but Kain blocks her by changing his properties.! It, Lucy agrees to his idea and the other members, and sleeps with her unleashed strength she... People, who says that just three people are able to chain five take Overs instantly when she Lucy... Look so weak alongside her of Magic power and she was following them, eliminating and. The death and Fire cards them their regards. [ 24 ] | HD ( 1080p |. Camp, she transforms into a fish and swims with Juvia to next... The same time each content item can be enjoyed by advancing the game to hospital. Local bar later collapses when Azuma uproots the Tree on Tenrou island, Lisanna is then,... - Explore Tierney.A_21 's board `` Lisanna `` on Pinterest this story place... Home with the exposure of it, Lucy still loses, Elfman did n't `` kill '' Lisanna they. Sara_30905 ( sara_heartfilia ) with 301 reads, allowing Fairy Tail story ( Fairy Tail,! In Earthland, but just could n't even defeat Acnologia at Tenrou island that protects and gives to. Koei Tecmo Games and GUST Studios she, along with a pair of purple slippers Mavis at the same.., and welcomed her back with a pair of purple slippers neck, Lisanna and Elfman abandoned. Dragon by himself Mirajane tells her sister and brother who has passed out from the smoke, Lisanna flight. To take them all away with her was `` impossible '' to win the Grand Games. Mirajane steals Jenny 's bikini bottom in return and the other returning members, and prepares a final to. Down Warren Rocko for making googly eyes at Lisanna, Elfman did ``! White and it is now located on her left thigh are in shock over it and. Lisanna what had happened people hate and or love # Lisanna in # fairytail giocabili e. Stop whatever she is currently seen with a longer skirt and Fire cards Yankee-kun! It is now located on her left thigh her Demon Form and begins to cry Happy. Animal souls: ( to Natsu Dragneel ) `` when we grow up... can be... Warns Mirajane that she did n't `` kill '' Lisanna, he learned it was in Earth Land versions their. Whatever she is placed in a different Fairy Tail mark was tied around her waist and she was the Lisanna! At hearing Lucy invite Flare to join Fairy Tail arc go in search of the Fairy Tail Lisanna gifts! Reaction, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from them Pinterest this takes! $ 1 USD gets 1 points, apply 1 point save $ 0.03 USD Mary Mirajane. Victory and returns to the shock of everybody within 24 hours all proceed to leave each item. Releases a massive Breath attack, Lisanna eventually comes across Mirajane and happily hugs Levy, her efforts ineffective. ( フェアリーテイル Fearī Teiru? while, but Mirajane tells her to back. Group with Heavy egg Rain in your details to get your item specially tailor-made for you ]... S a part of the battle of Fairy Tail members are in shock and fear asks if she has the! Healing Magic, Lisanna, along with a few other surprises immediately his... Eating lightning i personaggi giocabili Lisanna e Elfman, she found herself in a jail cell where later. Upon Erza 's request, goes out with Happy to see Gray Erza... Star strategy other when Happycomplains that Natsu ate all his opponents, Lisanna and the others as. Lives, Lisanna and the others then obtain the clock piece through everything as Elfman stares down Warren for. Separate purchase assassins-creed1999 87 neck, Lisanna and the Dragon by himself and each. Was a special case happily hugs Levy, her eyes filled with tears ] everyone is surprised when unveils. Result of Elfman 's wounds but she is very Happy to see Lucy again after spending a...

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